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What is in a name?

Why do we still have such archain names for our political parties? Let's be frank: they are the problem. What's the point of New Labour (which is not the case anymore) - when what really needs to change is the name all together.
Labour means - you have laboured (rather an exhausting connotation), or may be just very labourious party, or that you have a burden. Well work is not about labour for the majority of us: it is about sitting behind desks nowadays - so many voters don't labour!

Politics in the UK

Well, the final results are in and the debacle of the recent election is still to simmer.

Accuracy of our age

When a download time starts to tell you that it is 77 hours, 14 minutes and 32 seconds - am I really worried about the 32 seconds? Even the 14 minutes seems a little mis-construed. Frankly you should think a simple message like "around 80 hours" (enough time to fly around the world!).  

Birthday Blues

So now I am 50 and someone asked how I felt: Oh about 50-50?
No seriously - I feel I am now in the real grey haired brigade - I should relax - be a sage advisor. But I can stop being full of enthusiasm and life for the work I do.
I just hope it doesn't change me.
I pleased that at least I am old enough to see Meryl Streep in "Thatcher" - because it is not suitable for minors.

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