Circumcision & Tradition

Today I woke up sore.

Yesterday I had a circumcision at the local private hospital, for an oddly named condition called Zoon's Balanitis: a condition that occurs in men over 40 and is simply due to moist conditions sustained under the foreskin. It does not exist in Jews and Muslims because they are circumcised. Our 21st century medical practice, resorts to its basic and savage tenet: surgically remove the offending part.

So today I am resting for the first of 10 days to wait for the wound to heal.

Commuting through Heathrow from North West London

Have you commuted through Heathrow before? Well everybody does it now. Have you ever tried using different ways of getting to work - especially when the choice can be bewildering.

Protecting A Nations Crown Jewels

There has been much controversy lately about the Spanish government wading in to save its power industry from ownership by a foreign company based in Germany. Frankly I think its about time. Now I have talked about protectionism before, but in a war, a business war which is global, nations and governments need to protect their assets.

Build Your Cathedral

Today I did my bit for human psychology.

An independent contractor, around 35 years of age, came to me and chatted about his thoughts. Last week he had an interview for a manager's job with a French bank in the city. He has not received a response.

He realized that his interview with personnel didn't go too well.

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