Grass That Cuts Itself

I have just thought of a great idea for the Bio-Engineering companies. Create a grass that cuts itself.
Imagine creating a grass that has quite sharp edges: if you have whistled through a grass to make a sound - you will know that grass has very much an edge.

How Ebay could be improved...

There are a handful of frustrating things about ebay that could easily be resolved:

Have Knock Bidding To Prevent Auction Sniping
This happens because Ebay has a fixed timed auction where an auction must end at a particular time. This means bids made right at the very end of an auction period cannot be outbid.


"Humility adds to humour, as humidity to a dry summer day"
Are you deeply distressed by peoples inane attempt at sincerity? I was shocked recently by an answering phone message left by a colleague of my wifes. It was drawn with so much insincerity: platitudes of inane conversation, the ability to have a conversation with oneself, extremely irritating tone (high pitched and winey) I was absolutely gob-smacked.

Why Are The French Relaxed?

It dawned on me during a fabulous conversation over Brunch on a lovely day yesterday, that having a croissant is actually quite relaxing.
I wonder if the secret has been let out that Prozac is actually baguette flour?
As we swam calmly in the waters of Hampstead Pond I came across a couple of girls who were struggling holding onto buoys floating at various points around the pond. One said to the other: "I'm just going to go from buoy to buoy... it's much easier".

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