Just what was going on? England were dis-allowed an obvious goal. What did the Germans do? Did they just ignore everything and carry on? Yes. Well they missed an opportunity.
If they had been so confident of winning - what would have happened if they had remonstrated with the referee as well - just imagine the consequences:

Fish Eating Mosquito Bullets

A new fashion for going into foot spas to have fish nibble your dead skin. My concern is that will move on to having piranhas cutting your toenails as well!
In light of the world cup disaster for some teams feeling like wasters: has anyone considered that Russia did bribe the referees? Has anyone considered that betting syndicates paid the players huge sums to sabotage the games in France and Italy?

Strange Collection of Saying

What do you call a cafe run by Greeks? A Grecian Spoon
She was the kind of woman who could steam up a sauna in a power cut....
Statistical malepropisms:

  • 1 in 10 people are students in Bristol

I used to be an executioner but didn't get the hang of it!
I used to be a football referee but couldn't make head nor tail of it!

Soaking Up Unemployment

It seemed that New Labour fooled everyone. In the last 13 years they have DOUBLED the number of civil servants. By having a huge number of civil servants it has made public service a facet of banana republic: there are very few real large businesses running in the UK anymore and Labour has soaked up the labour pools into public service.
The cost is that it has hidden the lamentable performance of the UK in terms of real value added employment. Employment issues have been hidden all this time and will about to be revealed.

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