Boyles Law Redefined

When considering my work and the colleagues I work with, I can now re-define the famous Boyles Law.
An object/person acts according to Boyles Law if they exhibit four key behaviours:

Creating iPhone Ring Tones

I was asked recently about how to load ones own music as ringtones for the iPhone, and found quite quickly a simple and effective method that converts music to ringtones and loads them into the iTunes library for syncing.
I get the feeling that Apple fought to stop you being able to do this (in 2007), but the reality is that they now seem to allow it freely. Of course it is up to their iTunes store to make it seem easier just loading the tune from them for a couple of pounds.

UK At Home

I recently came across a great idea for a gift. People personalise their entry to a book on the stories of life in the UK by ordering the book with their own photo on it. Superb idea and certainly something that should take off in the future. Martine loved it. There is Bob Books also that can create the whole book for you for little more than 50 pounds... that is something to try for another day once I get all my gallery photos together. This would be useful if you had a catelogue of family history photos.

The iPhone Killer Apps

I have had my iPhone 3G now for 9 months. And conclusively I find there are some really interesting applications and uses for it. However, I thought it might be interesting to just make a note of the kind of circumstances that have been improved by its availability. Here are the set of third party applications I have at the moment(that I would recommend) - these are the essentials:
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