Jazz - It's a Man's Game

Saw Chick Corea with John McLaughlin (of Mahavishnu Orchestra fame) last night at the Royal Festival to cap off the London Jazz Festival.
They were celebrating 40 years of working together. It happened to be the same anniversary of the Beatles' 'Sgt. Peppers'.
It's been a long time since I had John's album when he did a joint venture with Carlos Santana - fabulous rolling musical travelling.

Clean Living

Is this a manifesto for clean living?

At last I saw that there seems to be some following for people who want to lead a life where they don't use many resources.

My idea is that these resources should be carefully scoped so that the inventions we use day in day out have a real cost attributed to them.

It seems everybody knows the cost of something and not its value. So with this in mind, the cost should be bracketed by another cost which suggests the number of environmental points that the product uses.

Montessori Manners

Can adults take the Montessori mantra?

I reflect now on my recent exposure to a friend of mine. She's a trained teacher, 42 and single. She has lived a very colourful life in very colourful locations.

One thing that got me though, was her insistence on people not interrupting her when she spoke. Just as it is irritating for people to interrupt you at every turn in your speech (and sometimes finishing it) then it is also irritating for people to take the view that normal conversation is about everybody taking polite turns.

Sibling Rivalry

Is sibling rivalry only something that is venomous between those of the same sex?

Everything I see and experience of people now over 20 is something of rivalry between brother and brother or sister and sister. It almost suggests that the rivalry or competition is an opposite to the love and affection that happens in the heterosexual manner.

If we look at the heterosexual couples - they run into trouble when the roles reverse or when one partner becomes more like the other - more masculine or feminine in their approach.

We really do need to cherish the strengths of the sexes.

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