French Films - The Art of the Ordinary

We went to see a French film at the Curzon Soho last night: "Let's Talk About The Rain"

It has dawned on me why French films are so endearing and lasting.

Idea of Safety on Trains

If you look very carefully at the high speed trains at Paddington: the ones with the pointy fronts shaped like an upturned wedge, you will see that there is an anomaly.

OK. Now look at the buffers at the end of the line. Do you see something that is strange? Yes. The buffers were made for the older type trains with buffer stops low down.

So they have no purpose for the high speed trains.

Is Royal Mail Revenue Protection into Revenue Creation?

I recently received not one but two Fee To Pay Notices from Royal Mail, a rare event indeed.

Both were for pieces of pre-paid or franked post that would normally be redirected with no problems. The reason for both was that the sender didn't pay full postage: yet clearly in both cases this was not true.

It wasn't a redirection problem: because one of the pieces actually had a name and address which had a Redirection Service on it but had not been redirected correctly, with the poor owner of our old home writing 'please send to' notices for some time now.

Greek Island Conference Call

I'm calling from a phone-box on a very small Greek Island. Unfortunately I cannot stay on the call that long as there is a queue.

The person behind me has come from the local naturist beach. It's not a pretty sight. Like a collection of failed laboratory experimentees forced to use a novelty souvenir found on all Greek Islands this summer: a pack of playing cards with 52 erotic positions inspired from prehistoric Greek pottery; a hint as to why the ancient Minoan civilisation failed.

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