The iPhone Killer Apps

I have had my iPhone 3G now for 9 months. And conclusively I find there are some really interesting applications and uses for it. However, I thought it might be interesting to just make a note of the kind of circumstances that have been improved by its availability. Here are the set of third party applications I have at the moment(that I would recommend) - these are the essentials:
  • Voice Recorder - iDicto Recorder Pro (59p) - functionality probably to be a part of iPhone upgrade V3.0
  • Personal Numbers Safe - eWallet (5.99)
  • To Do List Manager/Mindmaps - iBlueSky (4.99)
  • Local Cinema Availability - Showtimes (free)
  • Internet Radio - FStream (free)
  • Music Detector (when you need to find out what that tune is) - Shazam (free)
  • Networking - Facebook/Linkedin (free)
  • Rail Timetable - National Rail Enquiries (4.99)
  • Currency Exchange - Currency (free)
  • Tube Map/Status - TubeDelux (59p)
  • Majhong - Moonlight (free or 2.99)
  • Solitaire Card Games - Sol Free (free)
  • MineSweeper - TouchMines (free)
  • Call Account Status - Allowance (59p)
  • IP Phonecalls - Skype (free)
The Good Times My wife and I are in London after meeting up and we wonder what is on at the nearest cinema. Out comes 'Showtimes' and I quickly find a foreign film that is showing at the Curzon Soho in 10 minutes. Fabulous. Arriving at Paddington railway station and waiting for the boards to show the platform for my train: today solved by having 'MyRail Lite' (now unfortunately no longer with us), which tells me what the platform allocation is ahead of time. Just walked straight on to the platform, and as I did so, I noted that the signs had just changed to confirm I was right. I was 10 metres ahead of everybody. Now when I arrive at the station within a minute of departure I know what platform to go to: when the signs have stopped showing the platform early to prevent last minute boarding. The Bad Times When I sit there opposite my wife on the tube when we travel back from London. The conversation lulls, she peruses the free evening paper and I get the iPhone out. I play a simple game of cards. Soon she stops and says that I am transfixed by it and have a bad posture. The Transformation Times You know what? I bought my wife one for Christmas (exactly the same as mine - so there is no thoughts of her having an inferior product!). The transformation has been astounding. More or less, every day I have promised to spend 5 minutes with her to walk through any questions she has, and to help her work with it better. She absolutely adores it. She no longer has to turn on her PC to pick up emails - which is frankly all she ever did - now she can turn it on and pick up emails on the move. Her life is transformed and more relaxed. To think that her first choice of technology would have been an EmailSurfer - which works at GPRS speeds - very slow - which we got for 1 hour and found that controlling it through a strange mouse pointer was impossible. I am surprised that such technology is still around. Frankly we should all condemn such stuff to the bin immediately.