Emotional Twitter

Peoples' twitters are all rather odd. There is nothing profound being said if it is spontaneous. So on the moving scale from profound pontification (which is rare unless you are Stephen Fry) through status (what am I doing - if that makes a difference in other peoples lives!) to emotion (anger, happiness, sadness, loved up etc.): I would say emotional twitter is far more engrossing.
People like to know how you feel, not what you are doing, what you do isn't what binds you to the rest of the human race; it's the fact that you have emotions just like everybody else. So let us break free and make simple Twitter 'emotional'
There are times when our life should be more guttural. A simple expression of happiness or sadness may be appropriate.
How about a twitter like site that actually only works in BOOLEAN? Yes or No.
If you feel great or you want to cheer on some-one text in YES. If you are depressed and pissed off with life and you have just had an argument and you want to prove your point text in NO.
That's it. Simple.
In this way, with everybody in the world engaging, you could simple see the balance of happiness and sadness in each and every country and see how it changes over time if at all. We could see the cause and effect as people simply express one of two traits: negative or positive. Nothing more is needed.