Future of the World

Be prepared. There is definitely an end to the consumption era. An era fueled by oil. Without that oil, our distribution processes breakdown and we increasingly rely on returning to a world in which oil was not fundamental: maybe to world as we know it at around 1850. In that world, people still sought to live in cities to take an opportunities from the burden and poverty of the countryside - the mirror of what happens today in third world countries and those burgeoning economies India and China. The lesson needs to learnt on what it must be like to live without oil/petrol. Having just bought an old 15 year old car (to sell on) - I realise that cars are futile objects (almost like the horse and cart was during the start of the automobile era in 1900). Let us imagine that now we have truly found a car that does not require oil - an all electric car - a privileged few will be the only ones who can engage in having one: the only problem is the storage of power: it is rather old hat: and needs to be lighter. We will increasingly rely on trains and railways to fuel our world. In the 1850's there were no commercial airlines (we will not be able to have high octane aircraft fuels, so we will be back to boats and trains. Interestingly though our world will still be small because of things like telephone and internet technology. It seems that oil was a false mechanism to make the world smaller: what really made it small was the internet. We will also rely increasingly on local production means - especially in cities. Trains will have a freight carriage where local produce is brought by horse and cart to the underground stations. We will have nuclear power and natural gas will no longer be with us. The only oil being produced will be essential lubricants. The key here is to build a fuel cell that can provide power for a typical home in the region of 2kW. We will be then all have wood stoves for heating (with back-boilers), and low energy bulbs with only a small proportion used for maintaining power to communications and computer devices. You realise that a 1MW station can probably produce 500 homes!