On the 23rd May, I am running a BCS (British Computer Society) forum/seminar in London in the evening 6pm for a couple of hours. The capacity of the meeting will be 150 people - and I suspect it will be packed out.
I have invited David Leigh, the Guardian journalist who is also professor of reporting and journalism at City University. He was instrumental in providing a conduit for the main press through the Guardian and the New York Times. He has recently published a book on Wikileaks through the Guardian.
I am running it in coordination with London Central and the Data Management Specialist Group. I hope to run it as a webinar so I can collect questions and comments from other groups around the country. We will be videoing the event.
I have also asked and to attend - but as yet no response.
The idea behind running this is to introduce the issues to do with Wikileaks from a technical perspective of information and content management. The forum is an introduction and opportunity to talk about my forthcoming book: 'Enterprise Content Management: A business and technical guide". Wikileaks is one of the stories I use in the books examples.
My only concern is to make sure David turns up - and if possible have at least a second speaker: Daniel Bohnsheit-Berg (who used to work for Wikileaks) but has now formed OpenLeaks.