Benefits & Europe Require A Global Passport

We know now a raft of people who abuse the benefits system by owning foreign assets, but don't declare them when applying for housing or income support in the UK. These assets give them income but they still get the full support of the state.
While, we have no foreign assets, earn just the income from our job here and have no access to any benefits. It seems the UK does not look after its own but looks after the interests of foreign persons or businesses.
Now foreign business might be able to provide jobs so there is always a need to provide some support for development to new businesses. But even those businesses abuse the state of affairs by paying their taxes in lower tax countries. It's all one way.
So when I go to another European country - can I simply go to their state and ask for assistance? No. So why should people coming here to the UK.
This is down to the fact that our social security system was started before Europe really started. And with the opening of borders, the UK government has to offer its benefits to all no matter where they come from.
I know how difficult it must be for a government to determine if now global citizens have assets on which they can exist. And this is the crux. As the world has turned globally with the free movement of people, either the UK stops its benefits system or there has to be a global identity system linked to tax/ownership/occupation.
What is important is that Greece leaked like a sieve because he could not recognise its citizens to have any assets/income on which to tax.
Most tax systems require that the citizen is honest to declare their income and assets on which income is earned. But this rarely happens. And when it does those people who do flout the system simply drift back to their own country.
Isn't about time we have a global passport system, where people are now citizens of the world. And to purchase assets/investments/pensions or own property with each of their respective land registries they need to register their global passport identity to actually own that land. When people give birth they create families, they must declare the person a child of a parent with the global passport number - so it is known whether there is support for that child no matter what age.
Its about time that people realise that rights as sovereign citizens come with responsibilities to their home country. It means people who have a home state will have to pay tax in that home state. Although of course as a global passport holder they would also be able to change citizenship more easily - let's not stifle the free movement of people!
The key then is that each country, whether say it was a European state, could then have the same system for managing its passport issues, but that should be linked to its national social security system (national insurance number), linked to the land registry (for land ownership) and to investment instruments and occupational tax systems. If the world is to sort itself out then this is likely to be the only way forward. Computer systems are becoming universally accessible so the systems will exist, especially as their are some good governance systems.