What is in a name?

Why do we still have such archain names for our political parties? Let's be frank: they are the problem. What's the point of New Labour (which is not the case anymore) - when what really needs to change is the name all together.
Labour means - you have laboured (rather an exhausting connotation), or may be just very labourious party, or that you have a burden. Well work is not about labour for the majority of us: it is about sitting behind desks nowadays - so many voters don't labour!
Conservative - again rather restrictive. What we mean is not to be risk averse - but careful - not to take risks or be full of energy - but just sit back with pipe and slippers. It is rather old. It really doesn't appeal. It doesn't act.
So what about changing it all. I will vote for someone to rename - or build a party called Prosper. That is an organisation that I think people would follow. Prosper is a great word. It means that you are not going to exploit people. It suggests that everybody can prosper - not just the winners. It is not too competitive - nor gung-ho. It really does mean you can prosper with this party.
And Party - what is that all about? Are you suggesting that joining the organisation is a fun time! Why call it party? What about team or family... that is much more interesting an emotion. Society, company, club or association.
May be it would be best to call it the 'Prosper Society' - meaning two things: one that it is an association of people - and two, that actually it is all about the social society that we belong to. It is what makes us human.
So all and sundry - let's join the 'Prosper Society'!