What is in a name?

Why do we still have such archain names for our political parties? Let's be frank: they are the problem. What's the point of New Labour (which is not the case anymore) - when what really needs to change is the name all together.
Labour means - you have laboured (rather an exhausting connotation), or may be just very labourious party, or that you have a burden. Well work is not about labour for the majority of us: it is about sitting behind desks nowadays - so many voters don't labour!

Politics in the UK

Well, the final results are in and the debacle of the recent election is still to simmer.

Benefits & Europe Require A Global Passport

We know now a raft of people who abuse the benefits system by owning foreign assets, but don't declare them when applying for housing or income support in the UK. These assets give them income but they still get the full support of the state.
While, we have no foreign assets, earn just the income from our job here and have no access to any benefits. It seems the UK does not look after its own but looks after the interests of foreign persons or businesses.


On the 23rd May, I am running a BCS (British Computer Society) forum/seminar in London in the evening 6pm for a couple of hours. The capacity of the meeting will be 150 people - and I suspect it will be packed out.
I have invited David Leigh, the Guardian journalist who is also professor of reporting and journalism at City University. He was instrumental in providing a conduit for the main press through the Guardian and the New York Times. He has recently published a book on Wikileaks through the Guardian.

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