The Smile That Dare Not Be Named

You love it so much, that you want to shout to everybody how wonderful it is. But you can't. It's all very strange. I have just had teeth whitening and it whitened my teeth by almost 15 shades! Believe me, that is a lot - and when the start point was pretty bad (could just about be registered as the darkest possible) - you realise how bad my teeth were.

Emotional Twitter

Peoples' twitters are all rather odd. There is nothing profound being said if it is spontaneous. So on the moving scale from profound pontification (which is rare unless you are Stephen Fry) through status (what am I doing - if that makes a difference in other peoples lives!) to emotion (anger, happiness, sadness, loved up etc.): I would say emotional twitter is far more engrossing.

Courtesy and the Compensation Culture

A recent visit to the dentist and very incompetent rendering of a filling resulted in a very rude and unapologetic conversation.
So called professionals now don't extend the common courtesy of expressing their concern or sorrow at the predicament which has probably resulted from their actions. They now deny all liability so protecting their insurance company.
But at the same time they do nothing for their customer base. All their customers must be particularly pissed off with their attitude.

1984 and all that

As we walk outside through Westfields Southern Terrace, a man stands clear in the middle of the throng and rails, alone, shouting at the very top of his voice that this is all to end. We are blind and we are all lost.
Not sure it was an evangalist. Not sure that he was not on drugs or drink.
But there was something more disconcerting. Everybody looked at him for a second and then looked away. Was he going to attack anyone? No.

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