Accuracy of our age

When a download time starts to tell you that it is 77 hours, 14 minutes and 32 seconds - am I really worried about the 32 seconds? Even the 14 minutes seems a little mis-construed. Frankly you should think a simple message like "around 80 hours" (enough time to fly around the world!).  


On the 23rd May, I am running a BCS (British Computer Society) forum/seminar in London in the evening 6pm for a couple of hours. The capacity of the meeting will be 150 people - and I suspect it will be packed out.
I have invited David Leigh, the Guardian journalist who is also professor of reporting and journalism at City University. He was instrumental in providing a conduit for the main press through the Guardian and the New York Times. He has recently published a book on Wikileaks through the Guardian.

How Ebay could be improved...

There are a handful of frustrating things about ebay that could easily be resolved:

Have Knock Bidding To Prevent Auction Sniping
This happens because Ebay has a fixed timed auction where an auction must end at a particular time. This means bids made right at the very end of an auction period cannot be outbid.

Not The Greatest iPhone Upgrade!

Just upgraded my Apple iPhone to Version 3.0 software.
What madness that they do not extend the camera function in the Version 3.0 upgrade to include the video functionality of the 3GS. The hardware is the same (albeit with lower resolution). We know there are lots of jail-break applications that do this. Apple are just forcing people to upgrade their phones to get this functionality - which they already should have had in the first place.

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