Why Are The French Relaxed?

It dawned on me during a fabulous conversation over Brunch on a lovely day yesterday, that having a croissant is actually quite relaxing.
I wonder if the secret has been let out that Prozac is actually baguette flour?
As we swam calmly in the waters of Hampstead Pond I came across a couple of girls who were struggling holding onto buoys floating at various points around the pond. One said to the other: "I'm just going to go from buoy to buoy... it's much easier".

Fish Eating Mosquito Bullets

A new fashion for going into foot spas to have fish nibble your dead skin. My concern is that will move on to having piranhas cutting your toenails as well!
In light of the world cup disaster for some teams feeling like wasters: has anyone considered that Russia did bribe the referees? Has anyone considered that betting syndicates paid the players huge sums to sabotage the games in France and Italy?

Strange Collection of Saying

What do you call a cafe run by Greeks? A Grecian Spoon
She was the kind of woman who could steam up a sauna in a power cut....
Statistical malepropisms:

  • 1 in 10 people are students in Bristol

I used to be an executioner but didn't get the hang of it!
I used to be a football referee but couldn't make head nor tail of it!

Boyles Law Redefined

When considering my work and the colleagues I work with, I can now re-define the famous Boyles Law.
An object/person acts according to Boyles Law if they exhibit four key behaviours:

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